Welcome Back

Dear WES Families,

On behalf of Mrs. Kara Monocello, who is our WES PTA President, and myself, please allow me to welcome you to the 2020-21 school year.  We are writing this letter together as we both unequivocally believe that now, more than ever, a strong, supportive, and collaborative relationship between the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the WES faculty and staff is vital to the success of all WES children.

Though the months since March have been filled with uncertainty, stress, hardship, and at times, a divided community, we must now come together and turn our focus to the return to school and using the power of collaborative and problem-solving relationships.  These relationships will be the foundations of support we can give to each other throughout the coming days, weeks, and months.  

On behalf of all of our children, we must come together as one, united WES team, as there is no doubt that we will accomplish much more together than if we stand apart. We must, and we will, focus all of our energy on partnering together to provide our children with the best possible education. We have no doubt that the WES community will rally together to triumph over the many challenges we will face throughout this year. 

WES has always had an incredibly strong PTA. The WES PTA has raised funds to enrich school experiences, such as providing educational assemblies, supplementing field trip costs, and purchasing classroom books and supplies.  While many of these “fun” activities are currently on hold, now, more than ever, we can focus our time and efforts on connecting and collaborating within the WES community.  While each day will bring new changes and require flexibility and adjustments on all of our parts, Mrs. Monocello and I have no doubt that we will all find the patience and cooperation required to forge ahead with providing the best possible education for the children at WES.  

Mrs. Monocello has reminded me time and again that as the returning president of WES’s PTA, she has witnessed the many hours the administration, teachers, coaches, and families have spent trying to solve the plethora of issues our District is facing. And while we do not know how this school year will unfold in its entirety or what activities the PTA will be sponsoring, we do know that the PTA and the WES faculty and staff will be here to support our school and families.

By coming together as one, united, WES community, Mrs. Monocello and I have no doubt that during this time of uncertainty and challenges, there are no better people to uphold and support the WES children, than the families, faculty, and staff at WES.

We look forward to a successful school year with all of you!

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Melissa M Nelson, Principal and Mrs. Kara Monocello, WES PTA President