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Message From Dr. Nelson May 17, 2020

Dear WES Families,

As we focus on many learning experiences and events that are happening during the last four weeks of school, I would encourage you to read an article that I recently shared with the WES Faculty and Staff:  That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief.  One of the foremost experts in the Field of Grief and Grieving helps to provide us with perspective and comfort in knowing that the feelings we are having right now are normal, and are expected when so much of what we have relied on in the past is different.  

I specifically have been thinking and talking with many of you about the typical activities we would be looking forward to right now:  Field Day, clapouts, saying “goodbye”, looking forward to summer vacation.and on and on.  Those events, while billed as “celebrations” and culminating experiences, also provide us with a significant amount of closure.  When we lack those experiences that provide us with closure, it can be disconcerting and uncomfortable.  It can create feelings of worry, upset, and even anger.  This is normal.  It is okay. You are not alone in those feelings.

What I humbly suggest might help you to move beyond the “gang of feelings” the article suggests you might experience, is to think about ways you can participate in our upcoming “Virtual Field Day.”  Or how your children and you might say “good-bye” to classmates and teachers within the current constraints.  Or that you might plan something you could look forward to this summer:  going to a park, playing outside in  your yard, or singing songs from your balcony.  We continue to work behind the scenes to provide variations of these activities with the hopes that they anchor us somewhat to comfort and routine.

Please be reminded that we are here to help.  If you are unable to complete assignments, it is OKAY!  We know you are doing the best you can.  You need just ask for help, and we will be there.  My hope remains that we will find strength in each other during this time.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Melissa M Nelson, Principal