Message From Dr. Nelson June 7, 2020

Message From Dr. Nelson June 7, 2020

Dear WES Families,

As we bring this year to a close, there will never be enough words to capture all of the emotions the faculty, staff, and I are experiencing right now, However, I wanted to share one last message with all of you.

No matter how the year ended, this year reminded me once again why I am so thankful, so proud, and so honored to be the Principal at WES.  

Your children are extraordinary.  They give me great hope that in the future we will live in a kinder, gentler, more compassionate world.  I place my hope in them that they will be the change agents we need to help lead this country and world to a place where justice and truth are the guiding principles of our lives..  They have provided all of the faculty, staff, and me with great light and love during moments that we were overwhelmed with sadness and despair  To tell you how thankful we are to have served them this year would be such an understatement.

As we conclude this school year, I must share the bittersweet news that Mrs Kirsta Hartline, our full-time Reading Specialist for the past 26 years at WES, is retiring. By my estimates, she has served nearly 1000 children over the past 26 years -- this is an extraordinary accomplishment and legacy.  Though she has expressed repeatedly how very much she will miss all of the children and families at WES, she is also on to many more great adventures as she plans to travel the world and spend time with her family that live at all corners of the world.  Please do take a moment to drop her a note before she takes her final bow on Tuesday.

As we look to the summer and fall, I can assure you that the District's Recovery Team is developing plans to address all possible scenarios that may occur in the fall.  The District's Leadership Team and the Recovery Team will be in touch with you throughout the summer to provide you with updated information.  Please check back to the District's main web page frequently for updates about the fall.

Until We Meet Again -- May the sun shine brightly on your face.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Melissa M Nelson, Principal