Washington Faculty and Staff


Administrative Staff Title
Dr. Melissa Nelson Principal
Mrs. Kimberly Shetter Building Secretary
Mrs. Julie Jones Office Clerk
Mrs. Do Sabol Nurse
Mrs. Carrie Ann Garrett Health Aide


Let us know when your child will not be in school, coming in tardy, leaving early or has special afterschool instructions.







Please remember to copy your child’s homeroom teacher and use one of our attendance emails





Attendance Email








Teacher Room
Mrs. Karla KingGoogle Site 005
Mrs. Brooke Takoch 003

First Grade

Teacher Room
Mrs. Jessica Spitznagel Facebook 105
Ms. Tina Tomlins  Facebook 106
Ms. Samantha Folmer  Facebook 109

Second Grade

Teacher Room
Mrs. Anne-Marie Murtha  Facebook 101

Mrs. Dori Oldaker


Mrs. Kristin Malock  Facebook RSS


Third Grade

Teacher Room
Mrs. Vincenzia DeMicco  RSS 208
Mrs. Pam Bronco  RSS 209
Mrs. Dawn Crouthamel  
Mr. Justin O'Toole  RSS 211

Fourth Grade


Teacher Room
Mrs. Kim Robbins 205
Mr. George Cogis 206
Mrs. Meghan Larkin  RSS 207


Fifth Grade

Teacher Room
Mrs. Nicole Sharkey  Google Site 201
Mrs. Rose Davidson  Google Site 202
Mr. Jason Philips  Google Site 203
Mr. Ben Polakoski  Google Site 204

Encore Teachers

Teacher Subject Room
Mrs. Jodi McKeever  Facebook Art 009
Mrs. Christy Friesner Band 005
Mrs. Gretchen Brown  Facebook FLES 011
Ms. Sarah Blotzer Library Library
Mrs. Mandy Cheskawich Music 005
Mrs. Diane Sadar Orchestra 005
Mrs. Morgan Lovely PE/Health Gym
Mr. Scott Walker Health Gym

Special Services

Teacher Subject Room
Mrs. Jessica Bartholomew ESL 007
Mrs. Christa Smith  RSS Gifted Coordinator HES
Ms. Kelly Barsotti  Google Site Instructional Support 108
Ms. Kimberly Scheuble Learning Support 016
Mrs. Kimberly Morsillo Life Skills 103
Ms. Aubrey Hoffman Occupational Therapist 028
Ms. Melissa Maegle Physical Therapist 028
Mrs. Krista Hartline Reading Specialist 107
Mrs. Kristen Mackey Reading Specialist 213
Mrs. Lori Morin School Counselor 014
Mrs. Jennifer Vlcek Speech 113

Support Staff

Staff Title
Ms. Caitlin Breidigan Personal Care Assistant
Mrs. Yvonne Cuccaro Personal Care Assistant
Mrs. Tracy Del Bene Personal Care Assistant
Mrs. Jenny Gannon Personal Care Assistant
Mrs. Beverly Gray Classroom Aide
Mrs. Paula McCarty Classroom Aide
Miss Ashley McManus Personal Care Assistant
Mrs. Holly Nagy Personal Care Assistant
Mrs. Stephanie Schulte-Albert Personal Care Assistant
Miss Gretchen Stough Personal Care Assistant
Mrs. Amanda Tachoir Personal Care Assistant

Custodial Staff

Custodial Staff Title
Mr. Dale Smail Head Custodian
Mr. Alan Rodden Custodian
Mr. Ron Strang Custodian